Third International Training on Forestry Audit



Topic: Protecting the Conservation Forest

Date : September, 19th-23rd 2016

Location : Training Centre of the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

Coordinates: 6°15’20″S 106°


This training is intended to support the capacity building of auditors from any SAI in auditing forest, specifically in the topic of protecting the conservation area, and also to provide a hands-on experience in utilizing geo-spatial technology used to collect audit evidences accurately such as remote sensing, Geographic Information System (GIS), and Global Positioning System (GPS). By joining this training, participants would also contribute in achieving one of the Sustainable Development Goals that focuses on forest conservation.


The training is targeting SAI auditors from the country members of INTOSAI WGEA, the midlevel professionals with at least 2 years of audit experience.


Participants are required to read the pre-course reading materials provided in our e—learning website (, so that participants could have similar understanding about forestry audit, and also obtain basic knowledge on performance audit and GIS/GPS technology. Participants will be invited to register on BPK e-learning portal 2 weeks before the training begins. Participants also have to submit a country paper which highlights forest conditions and forest management in their countries, their experience in forestry audit, and what they hope they can get from this training.


The training methods consist of on-class and off- class session. The on-class session will be held in the training center and will focus on the case study specifically designed by our facilitators to apply theories acquired from the pre-course reading materials and other materials provided in the class. The off-class session consists of outdoor activities  such as practice in using geo-spatial technologies  and field trip related to the case study. The field trip will take place in a real conservation forest (Pancar Conservation Forest, Bogor, West Java). The field trip will be held on the third day of the training.

Please find the attached Schedule- The 3rd Training on Forestry Audit


The training will be delivered by experienced Subject Matter Experts from the SAI of Indonesia, and also The Senior auditors experienced in using geo-spatial technology to collect and analyze audit evidence, as well as in applying performance audit concept on forestry audit.FACILITATORS

In the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to design a forest audit program that can be applied in their country. To maintain and develop all the knowledge acquired during the course, the Training Center will provide a learning community that can be used as a discussion forum to share feedbacks, knowledge, and experiences related to forestry audit

TESTIMONY of the 1st Training:

“Quite interesting. Later on, I’d like to be a technical assistant of my SAI in using GPS.” – Unaisi Namositava (FIJI)

“This training program is very useful for me and it’s very practical.” –  Sirinat Sukpool (THAILAND)

TESTIMONY of the 2nd Training:

“As well as learning forestry audit, we also talk about audit across the world with the classmates.”  – Amanda Reynolds (AUSTRALIA)

“Now we can use special application in  our mobile to help us auditing the forest.” – Dashiell Velasque da Costa (BRAZIL)


1. Please complete the Registration Form and send to Ms. Kanti Sulistyowati at or

2. Prepare mini country paper that highlights the current issues and practices on forestry audits in your country.

3. Read the pre-course reading materials when we give you the username and password to access them

Phone : +62 (021) 25549000 ext. 1208

Facsimile : +62 (021) 57953198

The 5 day training costs USD 450 per person. The amount covers accommodation, meals, and field trip during the training.

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